Robert Ekselman

Cello, Piano Lessons

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Robert Ekselman

Robert Ekselman is a passionate and energetic teacher who believes that learning is a two-way interactive process requiring equal input from the teacher and pupil alike. He has teaching experience with all age groups. Robert has done many years of teaching, both privately and in the private school system. Robert is happy to teach popular music (i.e. Broadway, movie themes, TV songs) but his emphasis is on the Classics. He has also taught adults at an advanced level on both piano and cello and enjoys working with beginners. Robert does not have a strict regime of time commitment or sequence of practicing, but encourages the student to learn problem solving and how to think for themselves, independently. Robert’s approach is innovative and fluid, tailored to the student’s age, mentality and level of ambition. Robert feels it is in important to develop a personalized approach for each student, through which they can develop a greater playing self awareness and confidence to be expressive .

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