Zina Fan

Ziyan (Zina)FAN, young Chinese Lute (Pipa & Ruan) Musician, tea […]

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Zina Fan

Ziyan (Zina)FAN, young Chinese Lute (Pipa & Ruan) Musician, teacher of Pipa(Chinese Lute), Ruan (Chinese Guitar) and Liuqin. She is member of the China Nationalities Orchestral Society and the Guangdong Province Nationalities Orchestral Society.

Zina has obtained Certificated from Chinese Musicians’ Association. In 2019, she performed as a Pipa soloist with the Sydney Symphony Orchestra for Lunar New Year Celebrations. She won rewards from national Chinese music campaign, and performed as Pipa, Liuqin and Ruan soloist and Pipa chief in many occasions on the National and International stages (China, Japan, Argentina, Australia etc.).

She graduated from South China Normal University School of Music. From 2008 to 2015, she was employed by the Guangdong National Orchestra, the Guangzhou National Orchestra, and the Xinghai Modern National Orchestra as the Pipa, Ruan and Liuqin perfomer. In 2011, Ziyan won the first prize of the South China Youth Arts Festival; the silver prize of the Sixth Art Festival of International Young People in Hongkong. In 2012, she was selected as an outstanding professional student and held a special concert in Guangzhou. In 2015, She recorded the theme music section of the Mazda Motor Show (Guangzhou) by Japanese musicians and performed live during its launch.

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