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Bruce Maddigan

I am a Drumming teacher and Feldenkrais Practitioner.
My work is with drummers who are struggling due to injury, tightness and restricted movement. Who want to learn how to attain a flexible and functional body that will allow them to reach their full potential whilst avoiding the pitfalls that cause long term injuries due to poor technique and posture.

A drummers skill set is far from complete if they do not have complete control of all of the bodies functions.
Following are the basic requirement to being a stand out drummer.

> Perfect Pelvic Function and Control
> Flexible Ankles allowing ease of movement in the Knees and Hip Joints
> A Flexible Rib Cage and Sternum with the freedom to move separate from the Shoulders
> Perfect range of motion in the Rotator Cuff of the Shoulders to be able to move freely in all directions
> No tightness, numbness, or pins and needles in the Arms, Elbows, Wrists or Fingers.
> An easy Breathing action with no feelings of shortness of breath
> Having the ability and know how to be able to learn new things quickly and easily

Perfecting all of the above is what will make you a great drummer who gains real enjoyment from playing, rather than the frustration that causes more stick throwing than it does stick control.

Your initial consultation and assessment is completely free, so book and start learning the way the Pro’s do today..

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