Do Re Mi Canberra Music

Drums, Guitar, Piano, Violin lessons online and in Canberra

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Summer Van Boxtel

Violin, Viola and Cello
Fun music that keeps you motivated with classical and contemporary repertoire. Important techniques to get the best tone. As much or as little music theory to get you playing. The correct posture so you can play your best. How to play with others to get you read for ensembles
Guitar & Bass
Play along and improvise to your favorite songs. Play all the chords and scales to Jam with others as either rhythm or lead
Essential piano techniques to play with confidence for yourself or others.A broad and well balanced repertoire
Learn to sing in tune with your own style with the best posture. Express and articulate the songs emotion. Learnscales and harmony to have the confidence to sing to and with others

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Languages Spoken Other Than English
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