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Hi there! I completed my Bachelor of Music Specialising in Jazz at AN […]

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Danny Junor

Hi there! I completed my Bachelor of Music Specialising in Jazz at ANU in 2001. Soon after I moved to Sydney and began working as a freelance musician and regular band member in a number of different ensembles. The variety of musical work I have been involved with over the years has kept me energised and invigorated, and with a passion to pass on this feeling to my students through our own musical interractions. My grounding in jazz and contemporary music sees me working in various musical settings, from the stages of The Sydney Festival or Canberra’s Multicultural Festival to some of our local bars and outdoor gigs around town. Since returning to Canberra in 2019, I’ve been performing in the Canberra Wind Symphony, Goldseeker, and here and there in the local jazz scene. I still like to play with my favourite Sydney bands whenever possible. I am teaching from my studio in Evatt as well as at the ANU Open School, Canberra High School and Saint Francis Xavier College. My teaching philosophy is really quite simple. I like to make sure my students have a firm grounding in the technical skills needed to play and enjoy music and also importantly, a natural and subconscious feel for rhythm and harmony and an ability to blend with their fellow performers. To help achieve the latter, I always like to accompany my students with some sort of counter melody or bass line during parts of our lessons. The bonus result is that we end up making music regularly! I also like to record play-along tracks for students learning parts of an arrangement to use as a practice guide to work with at home. You can have a listen to me in the video gallery at the bottom of this scroll!

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