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Yuri Ptschelinzew

My name is YURI STEVEN. For 30 years years I’ve been playing, performing and teaching music, and I want to help make YOU the best you can be

GUITAR – electric and acoustic, specializing in lead guitar and improvisation in blues, rock, metal and contemporary styles. I ensure you learn great technique right from the start so you don’t have problems later.

UKULELE – most uke ‘teachers’ are just guitarists who strum a uke. I’m a real uke player, there’s a big difference! I teach all the fancy right hand strumming patterns and techniques which is where the real magic is for this instrument.

BASS GUITAR – 4, 5, or 6 string, fingers, slap, or picking in all styles.

I’m more than a music ‘teacher’. I am also a MUSIC AND MUSICIANSHIP COACH and have a great nack for explaining musical concepts, theory and playing techniques and making complicated things easier to understand.

**Bass guitar
(I also play and teach other fretted instruments, inquiries welcome)

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