Gustavo Rios

Guitar Classical, Piano Lessons

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Gustavo Rios

My name is Gustavo Rios.

I am a Classical Guitarist from Colombia, with experience in several musical genres and styles.
My Classical formation allowed me to develop a deeper understanding of music theory, which I highly encourage my students to learn to
develop critical thinking and create better practice and studying skills applied to the Guitar.

I am currently residing and studying a master’s degree in music pedagogy in the city of Adelaide, SA. These studies have allowed me to develop and research more effective teaching methodologies for my 1-on-1 or group music lessons.

I also have training in Classical Piano, making this my second instrument and allowing to introduce beginners to explore and learn the basic elements of the instrument.

Spanish is my mother tongue, therefore I offer lessons either in English or Spanish, whichever is more convenient for my students.

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