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Manuel Diewald

Manuel Diewald has been involved in music since he was just 10 years old when he learned to play saxophone in his school band. In high school, Manuel decided to play the acoustic guitar for a few years before picking up the electric guitar and creating a band with his friends. later on, he began to think more seriously about music as a career, and with this thought in mind, Manuel decided to learn the Classical guitar and build his knowledge in music theory as well as a broader understanding of music.

Manuel has a Bachelor of Music (Honours) with Honours Class 1 in Music pedagogy from the University of New South Wales (UNSW). Here he learned about music history, Music theory and took on a serious approach to his technical abilities with the classical guitar. By dedicating his studies to the Pedagogy stream offered at UNSW, Manuel was able to evolve his teaching towards his Classical, acoustic, and electric Guitar Lessons, as well as his music theory lessons.

Manuel has over 8 years of teaching experience in a wide range of styles and ages. He continuously seeks to learn about education for young musicians and has taken many masterclasses with guitarists such as Denis Azabagic, Guiseppe Zangari, Vincent Lindsey-Clark, Omar Cyrulnik, and was studying under Raffael Agostino.

Manuel is currently with the Classical Guitar Society of Sydney Ensemble and Orchestra (CGS) and performs as a duo with flutist Rachel Woolley.

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