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Micheile Houghton Blunt

– Pianist – Music Teacher – Accompanist
Hi! My name is Micheile HoughtonBlunt and I love working in music!
I teach all grades of piano, singing and theory. I am able to support you in preparation for your music exams, help establish grounding in your theoretical studies, work you ready for upcoming performances or teach your ‘littlies’ in their first years of music.
Of the 17 years that I’ve been teaching, 5 of these years have included teaching through online video conferencing, with musicians & remote schools of NSW. My experience comes from working extensively with NSW regional conservatorium’s in numerous teaching roles while maintaining my private studio from my home in Parkes of NSW.
Online teaching is a great medium that keeps all teachers on top of their game. Online study reaches a wide audience so music teachers must be able to cater for the musical needs of musicians and students. It keeps music interesting and vibrant.
You can see a detailed profile of my working history on LinkedIn, Micheile Houghton Blunt.
To discuss your ideas in music or to schedule a lesson, please contact me via email. I check my messages daily.

Other Details
Minimum age taught

Micheile Blunt is an exceptional Licentiate, qualified pianist.

With her bright open personality and wonderful sense of humour, she communicates easily with her students of all levels and ages.

In addition Micheile provides excellent printed information about musical notation,
styles, history and periods such as my own passion for the music of the Baroque composers.
Micheile readily provides constructive feedback and performs her well practised accompaniments with an assuring level of accuracy and high degree of confidence.

I highly commend her work as a most accomplished pianist in every way.

J.Coleborne, Tenor Saxophonist, Cert.Performance: 2years accompaniment

I am very happy with my son’s tuition. Micheile is very professional, yet personable. My son finds it very challenging to maintain focus and concentrate. He is difficult to engage at times. However, Micheile uses an impressive variety of strategies to keep him engaged and on task, responding appropriately to his learning needs and personality. She gauges student focus well and provides an achievable level of challenge for my son so that he experiences success, but also makes progress.

J.Houghton, Parent: 2 years tuition

I’ve come to learn piano as an adult. My lessons with Micheile and are always engaging due to her extensive traditional and modern resources and her ability to adapt lessons to suit my ever changing goals as I pursue my dream to master the piano.
Micheile is very good at teaching and analysing music. I enjoy learning new pieces and appreciate that I am able to extend my learning

E.Bruce, Saxophonist & Piano Student: 3 years tuition

I have been composing songs with Micheile for more than 3 years.

Micheile has been most pleasant to work with; My lyrics and her talent. We have produced over a dozen pieces together.

I suffer from mental illness. Micheile has handled it skilfully and with care, for a better outcome.

I gladly and highly recommend Micheile.

T.S Pearson,Songwriter: 3years Composition

My 12 year old daughter and 9 year old son have made remarkable progress under Micheile’s guidance and piano teaching.

Our online lessons are engaging and productive. I am absolutely delighted with Micheile’s musical selection for my children and the support that she gives before, during and after each lesson

W.Patton, Parent: 3 years tuition

Micheile has been teaching my son piano since 2019.
In Term 2 of this year my son commenced online lessons amidst Covid and social distancing.

We weren’t entirely sure if online lessons would work, but Micheile had the knack of being able to keep our 9 year old engaged both during and between lessons. The online experience has done wonders for his independent musical enjoyment,

Parent : 9 year old son, pianist

Micheile has mentored my children in piano and singing since 2017

Micheile is an outstanding teacher who prioritizes my children’s learning with enthusiasm and dedication.
She adapts her skills and knowledge of music to suit the age and abilities of my children and their specific needs.
I would recommend Micheile to anyone.

T Noyes, parent: Daughter G5 pianist Son, G7 pianist. 4years Tuition

When COVID hit and face to face lessons were no longer possible, my 16 year old son was about to give music away.
It took a lot of convincing for him to have just one online lesson. Micheile’s vibrant personality combined with her enthusiasm made the lessons fun and challenging, leading him to complete a great year of music. Thanks to Micheile I am sure he will continue to play in the future.

Parent: 16 year old son, pianist year 12

I am currently studying my Associate Music of Australia, AMEB in piano. I have appreciated Micheile’s dedication in preparing me for these exams and her attention to detail. Micheile has helped me to develop my expression when playing. As I take on my own piano students I find her to be a mentor as well as a teacher.

A.Isbester, Assoc.Music of Aust, AMEB Piano Student: 3years tuition
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