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Stormfront Productions

Alison Hams & Mark Tempany offer the expertise of long-term, fulltime professional musicians with an impressive record of achievement, who are out there DOING it in the Australian music industry!

Stormfront Music Tutoring currently operates at-school for Whyalla’s Samaritan College students & for all other students on a Private basis at our dedicated tuition rooms. Online lessons are also available for out-of-town students.

Lessons can be arranged for 20, 30 or 45-minute durations & we generally teach MONDAY to FRIDAY over four Terms annually. (Other arrangements for Casual or out-of-town students can be discussed).

Stormfront Music Tutoring offers:
* Tuition in vocals, guitar, bass guitar & keyboard
* Tuition in music theory, performance & songwriting
* Frequent performance opportunities large and small, beginner to professional
* International standard audio and video production studio
* Industry contacts
* Tailored ‘audition” preparation
* Advice & preparation of PR, career guidance & promotion
* Music/Audio Visual Workshop presentations for schools, community – any client, any subject, anywhere

Our individual modern lessons are tailored to the needs of each student (using the music YOU love), improving your self-confidence.

Stormfront Productions also proudly produce and sponsor the WHYALLA RECORDING SCHOLARSHIP –

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