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Liz Tan

Affordable quality piano lessons for all ages, levels and abilities

‘Any child has the possibility to become musically inclined. Musical ability is not inborn but an ability which can be developed. Any child who is properly trained can develop musical ability just as all develop the ability to speak their mother tongue. Talent will sprout according to how the children are raised’ – Dr Shinichi Suzuki

Early musical training has been shown to help develop different brain areas, teach children to think creatively and has been linked to spatial intelligence as well as teaching children self-discipline and raising their self esteem.

Individual lessons tailored to introduce you or your child to the magical, wondrous world of music or to hone your skills for leisurely playing, performance and professional exams.

UK Master qualified piano teacher with more than 15 years teaching experience offers lessons in techniques, music theory, aural, reading, composition, improvisation and performance skills. Do visit our website You won’t be disappointed

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