Daniel Robertson

Keyboard, Piano Lessons

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Daniel Robertson

FTCL, FRSM, AmusTCL, MUS B (Hons 1st class)

Hi! I am an experienced teacher and performer and I offer individual classical piano, jazz piano and theory instruction for students of all ages and levels, beginner to advanced. Students can learn classical or jazz repertoire, sight reading, good piano technique, music theory and harmony, improvisation and to be able to play with confidence and ease.

I am a patient teacher who enjoys helping each student achieve their individual potential. I am also experienced in teaching music exams and enjoy helping students with the challenges they provide.

My main teaching goal is for my students to enjoy making music. I provide my students with a comprehensive learning experience that helps them to develop their full musical potential. I also try to make the learning process fun so that my students enjoy playing instruments and look forward to their lessons each week!

I teach from my studio at the Richmond Music Academy, Richmond.

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