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Vivace Piano Academy

Founded in 2017, we provide piano and theory lessons that are tailored to our students at an affordable price. Students from different suburbs including Balwyn, Kew, Doncaster, Box Hill, Burwood, Blackburn and Mitcham have decided to choose us. We have 150+ students taking piano lessons per week now and are looking to expand in the near future. Whether you are only a beginner, intermediate, expert or even just wanting to play a song to impress anyone, we have you covered from modern all the way through to classical.

Different from other large-scale music schools, our studio replicates and mimics a “home” style, but not commercialised, for students to take piano lessons. We offer a higher level of services unmatched by our competitors. Our team of teachers share the same teaching philosophy and values, aim to provide high and strict quality lessons but at the same time, applying a friendly, warm and welcoming approach. 

Our studio is very cozy and quiet, we are currently using 3 dedicated teaching area to provide lessons. We are using a grand piano, Yamaha U3X upright piano, Yamaha YUS1 upright piano & Brodmann upright piano for teaching. 

The teaching approach is not only based on enhancing learners’ piano techniques, but also developing a life-long influential effect towards music learning. A tailor-made lesson allows students to experience beyond the practical course and aspire them to pursue music as an interest and goal. Theory knowledge would be taught in an interactive way during lessons. We believe in cultivating passion in our students, as passion is what drives an individual’s success

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