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Listening to music soothes your emotions; making music broadens your […]

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Listening to music soothes your emotions; making music broadens your skills, improves your concentration and self-reflection, and enhances your personality. The above is my fundamental approach to music, piano playing and teaching. Making music is guiding principle from the every beginning and throughout all your piano playing days. I am an Italy trained (Conservatory Santa Cecilia, Rome) and UK qualified (PhD – London, LRSM) piano teacher with more than 20 year experience in piano teaching. I have a PhD in linguistics from the Univerty of London. My linguistic training makes me appreciate the Suzuki method, which is based on liguistic theory, and allows me to enhance it in my piano teaching. I offer piano lessons for all ages and for AMEB examinations. I also offer piano lessons via Skype when required or needed. For more details visit my website: http://tlee298.wix.com/piano-lesson#

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It was a pleasure to be asked to write something about Mr Lee’s technique in teaching our daughter how to play piano. He has a wonderful ability where he can relate to students of all levels and personalities and it is because of this, he was able to challenge her to want to learn piano. Since commencing with Mr Lee as her piano teacher, our daughter has enjoyed playing the piano even more. His creative approach allowed her to extend herself in piano practice, not only encouraging her to explore the piano at her own pace but also gave her the personal desire to self drive her own learning by wanting to know more and more about using the many techniques Mr Lee has introduced her to and produce the many different quality of sounds from the piano. Our daughter has certainly excelled and progressed quickly throughout the time that Mr Lee has taught her piano. His ingenious and resourceful approach combined with fun and pearls of gentle wisdom has certainly made it most memorable and enjoyable for our daughter to strive to be a better pianist. If we were to continue residing in Australia, we would most certainly continue with Mr Lee as her teacher for many years to come. We would have no hesitations in recommending Mr Lee to teach anyone for piano lessons as the students he teaches will not be disappointed and will excel in their enjoyment both in learning the art of music and appreciate playing the piano. (Footnote: Sarah, Raina’s daughter, is now learning piano with me from Saudi Arabia via Skype.)

Raina Shanal
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