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As a passionate music educator, I have seen first-hand the many benef […]

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Kassidy-Rose McMahon

As a passionate music educator, I have seen first-hand the many benefits of piano lessons to children including improved academic results, concentration, memory function, discipline, patience, self-esteem, confidence, social skills, and motor skill dexterity. Unfortunately, the statistics show without an inspirational start, nine out of ten kids quit piano within a year.

In my teaching, I focus on developing intrinsic motivation in students to enable them to reach their full potential while delivering a diverse, challenging, and engaging program. I incorporate a range of skills into their curriculum including rhythm training, aural development, and music theory. My goal is to equip students with a solid technique and inspire them to be creative, collaborative, and confident musicians and people.

My name is Kassidy-Rose McMahon, and I would love to arrange a free trial lesson for your child.


My favourite part of teaching is when a student brings me a song or a piece and says, ‘I want to learn this” or, ‘I want to play this”.

That determination is very exciting for me as their music teacher. I have had all sorts of requests from ‘Maiden’s Prayer” to ‘Jana Gana Mana – the Indian National Anthem” to ‘Wombat Stew”, and of course, everyone’s favourite – ‘Für Elise”. I do my best to accommodate students’ interests and build strong musical foundations.

So, what can I do for your child’s musical future?

I can provide structured weekly instrumental music lessons and additional resources to develop their overall musicianship. During lessons, I will cover instrument-specific technique, a broad range of repertoire, aural development, music theory, and general musicianship skills.

You will also be invited to join the Facebook group I have created for my students. I frequently post challenges, home activities, competitions, tutorials, and inspirational content to keep your child busy and motivated between lessons.

Music has always been my passion and I can’t wait to share the gift of music with your family.

Let’s do this!

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