Mandi Geary

Piano, Singing / Voice Lessons

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Mandi Geary

Hello! I am Mandi. I teach singing, theory, songwriting, piano, improvisation (including scat-singing) and all aspects of performing.

I started my musical life singing in pop/rock bands and musicals in my teens. I later toured with bands, recorded my own album and got to work with some of the best musicians around. I am currently performing in a few different projects in our local Brisbane music scene.

Studying music at University led me to a deep desire to share my passion for the musical arts with others. I hold a Bachelor Degree in Music and Diploma of Popular Music and am currently completing my Masters in Vocal Pedagogy (which is just fancy for saying Singing teaching).

I believe in an holistic approach to learning to sing, as there are more factors involved like lifestyle, emotions and health that affect the use of our voice. Understanding my student’s unique needs is my jam! I love helping them to work towards their goals, move past their blockages and create great music – all whilst having fun!

Learning music – learning to sing – should incorporate a combination of technique and expression while cultivating positive associations with learning music. I like to encourage my students to practice but also play and follow the music they love!

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