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Ting Tan

I have learnt from both the ABRSM and AMEB systems before and I am confident in teaching a variety of syllabus(s) to suit the student (including for leisure). I currently in the process of obtaining my A.MUS.A and I am very keen on utilising my skill to teach and spread my love for music.

I would like to promote a fun and entertaining musical journey to all my students and ensure that success is achieved through enjoyment. Students of all ages are welcome and I am capable of teaching from beginner to Grade 8 for casual learners and students who wish to pursue examination.

I strongly encourage all my students to not only be good at what they play, but to also indulge and immerse themselves in the emotions and characteristics of music. I enjoy a vast variety of music and would love to teach a variety of styles and genres if you wish.

I have a lot of experience with Beginner learners and I can ensure that all my students will learn with a good foundation. Theory, General Knowledge and Technical skills will be taught from a young age to ensure future ease and success in performance.

Can’t wait to hear from you! Feel free to contact me at misstan.musicinfo@gmail.com or 0423299461 for any inquiries.

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