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Nino Tsitsishvili

Hello, I believe learning music is not only about formal achievements and rules but about embracing passion for music and exploring new possibilities at any age. I teach a variety of musical styles for piano and keyboard including classical, modern, jazz and popular. I teach guitar to the beginners. I beleive that everyone’s path to learning is different and I always try to tailor my teaching approach to a student’s individual needs. I teach at students’ homes, but you can come to my place for lessons if you prefer. At the end of each year we organize concerts for individual students and bands to share music they’ve learnt throughout the year. I graduated Tbilisi State Conservatorium of Music (Georgia) as a musicologist and music teacher, specialising in piano, theory, harmony, arranging, orchestration, composition, musical form analysis, aural training, and history of Western and Russian music. My performances at the Conservatorium included mainly classical and modern Western art music. I am an ethnomusicologist researching behavioural, and evolutionary aspects of human music and culture. For more details of my work see my website:

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