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Olga Chernova

My name is Olga, and I am a highly-qualified music teacher with over 15 years of experience in teaching piano and theory of music.

I specialise in teaching beginners as the foundation requires the most skillful and experienced teaching of all.

**Piano for kids**

Piano lessons are available for ages 6 and older. My lessons are not just about playing scales and reading notes. My curriculum, based on the **Piano Safari** method, includes various activities such as:

– improvisation and basic composition
– learning music theory through games and apps
– playing chords
– ear training
– playing by rote
– practising with backing tracks.

I believe that all these ingredients are vital for playing the piano and I work hard to build up all these skills in my students.

**Piano for adults**

If you are a complete beginner who is motivated to learn a new skill, or your goal is to bring your performance to a new level, you are very welcome too.

My piano lessons are not just about classical music. Your big dream to play songs by the Beatles or Billie Eilish? I am happy to work on music that YOU want to learn and provide you with the essential basics you need to get there.

**Flat price**

Tuition is charged as a flat monthly rate:

– 124 per month – 30 min weekly lessons
– 165 per month – 45 min weekly lessons

This tuition covers all necessary books, supplementary materials, and much more.

You are more than welcome to meet me at my home studio and have a consultation (free of charge).

Lessons are held at my place in Oaklands Park.

Feel free to send me an email to lessons@chernovmusic.com.au

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