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Sophie Steptoe

I am an18 year old female, currently studying a Bachelor of Nursing at The University of Queensland.

I began learning piano under my Mum’s instruction when I was 4 years old and started my own teaching journey in 2014. I completed my initial – grade 6 exams through Trinity and my grade 7 and 8 exams through AMEB. Playing the piano is something that I am very passionate about and I love giving other children the opportunity to feel the way that I do when i’m playing.

When teaching the Piano I am open to students who would like to just play for fun as well as those willing to partake in exams, theory, performances and competitions. While always pushing my students to strive to be the best they can, I always make myself aware of both the student’s and the parent’s wishes and will not push any harder than welcomed.

$25 for half hour prac with free half hour theory

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All ages