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Group music classes for 0-5 yearsIgnite your child’s passion for performing arts today!

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CJ Schwerkolt

Group performing arts classes for 0-5 year olds
VAPA minis is a new early childhood performing arts school and a ‘mini” branch of the highly reputable, Vocal Adrenaline Performing Arts (VAPA).
Based in a brand new, state of the art studio in Southport, VAPA minis consists of 45 minute performing arts based classes.
Each class will include singing, instrument play, dancing, live music, acting, story time and much more! Not only will your little one gain musical skills, these classes are designed to help improve development in lots of areas such as language, motor skills, social and emotional, body and sensory awareness.
These classes are also great for bonding with your little one and a great way for you and your child to meet new friends!

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