Catherine Hughes Violin

Specialising in teaching beginners, establishing beautiful posture and technique to ensure future success!

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Catherine Hughes

Specialising in teaching beginners (up to AMEB Grade 4), I am a passionate violin teacher (& Mum) who loves to help kids learn in a fun and enjoyable way!
In a nutshell, I believe…
1. Playing violin as a child can enhance other areas of learning
2. Fun is an essential part of learning – as is hard work!
3. Anybody can learn to be musical
4. Children benefit immensely from developing a skill they can be proud of
5. Children need to be set up well on their instrument (with good posture & habits)
*30 years experience playing violin and 16 years experience teaching.
*Diploma of Music Performance (ABRSM)
*Associate of Music (AMEB)
*Training in Suzuki & AMEB
*AUSTA member
Developing a strong ‘musical ear’ is an important part of learning any instrument, and I love to incorporate fun games and exercises in my teaching to ensure students develop excellent aural music skills. This will give them a musical foundation for life. As a Mum and teacher, I know the importance of creating joy when learning, and I really believe violin lessons must be enjoyable… because that’s when they work the hardest!
I encourage a free-of-charge, no-obligation consultation in my home studio for all potential new students. This gives us an opportunity to meet each other, chat about teaching methods, lessons, practice, obtaining an instrument and goals. It’s also a great chance for your child to feel comfortable and ask any questions they may have, and an opportunity to work out whether we are a good fit for one another.
Please note – although I may have a wait list, I am still happy to hear from you!

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