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Regina Buenaventura

TEACHING PHILOSOPHY. As a violin teacher, I believe:
– First of all, playing with imagination – to be sensitive to the images and emotions that the music evokes. – From there we ask, ‘What technique is needed to produce these emotions and images?’ I believe in systematic analysis of one’s own technique and practice habits.
– That the journey to becoming a skilled violinist should be fun: student will be assigned both solo and collaborative pieces
– Why play violin? Playing violin makes one sensitive to the wonders of sound and its effect upon our emotions. Playing an instrument is also a unique life experience – you experience the music both through your ears and through your body!

– Currently teaching for Directions in Music, Pty. Ltd and Avviare Music Sydney.
– Performed in various capacities as a soloist, chamber musician, and orchestral musician.
– Participated in a variety of fundraising and charity efforts.

University of Sydney Merit Scholar
Northwestern University Merit Scholar
Standard Insurance, Co. Inc Scholar
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Studied under artist-pedagogues Prof. Almita Vamos (Northwestern University), Prof. Ole Bohn (University of Sydney), and Prof. Goetz Richter (University of Sydney)

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