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Melanie de Sousa

Sing Confidently, Sing Correctly

** Do you think your voice or your child’s voice is capable of more?

** Are you straining as you sing or finding it frustrating to hit your high notes?

** Is your child singing well, but you’d love to hear them sing better?

— Sing in any style without straining or cracking.

— Develop the freedom to move from low to high notes with ease and presence.

— Sing in a friendly, relaxed, yet professional environment.


Lessons are personalised for you – no singing voice is the same. Melanie and her team will focus on what ‘your’ voice needs and adjust the exercises to suit you alone.

Lessons will move at a pace that suits you.

We’ll develop your singing technique, e.g. smoothing through the range in your voice, hitting high and low notes with ease, looking after your voice for your vocal freedom and of course Perform Songs!

With Melanie’s guidance you will improve and develop a better way of singing.

Experienced, Professional, Effective, Training for Adults & Teens.

Encouraging, Inspiring, Confidence building Children’s Program.

All level singers are welcomed, including those in Bands, Soloists, Music Theatre, Worship Leaders etc.

Regular Lessons available or one-off Vocal Consultations to work towards a project.

Singing Lessons available in Highton (Geelong, Victoria) & also long distance via Zoom and Skype.

check out the website at:

Melanie de Sousa, a qualified Mentor Singing Instructor and Teacher Trainer for ‘The Institute for Vocal Advancement’, provides a supportive coaching environment where you will gain immediate tips, advice and answers to unlock your voice.

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