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Karim Bedda

Karim teaches guitar (classical & acoustic), violin, and piano to students of all ages. He also specialises in music theory and composition.
Learning with Karim, you will benefit from the best of both worlds – a patient music tutor who will support you with a relaxed, friendly teaching style, whilst also challenging you to reach your full potential! Originally hailing from the UK, Karim is an accomplished musician and composer who has been teaching for the past 10 years, after graduating in performance and composition from the Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama, and receiving the conservatoire’s annual composition award in 2013. With this background, Karim is well-qualified to delve beyond the practicalities your chosen instrument and give you a deeper understanding of how music works.
Some of Karim’s accomplishments include having music played by the BBC National Orchestra of Wales, touring internationally as an actor-musician, and he has even been called upon as Benedict Cumberbatch’s violin- and piano-playing hands for BBC’s Sherlock and Marvel’s Doctor Strange.
With a passion for sharing music and musical knowledge, Karim uses his unique experience and expertise to tailor lessons in just the right way to help students achieve their individual goals and aspirations.
Beginner – advanced – all ages welcome!
Whether you want to play for fun or push your skills to the limit, the guitar is easy to pick up but notoriously difficult to master. Whilst there’s no substitute for dedicated practice, there are ways to streamline the process. In these lessons, you will be given the tools to demystify the fretboard and make better progress with your playing.
Lessons will include:
– Tuning your instrument
– Varied repertoire/songs
– Mastering the fretboard
– Fingerpicking
– Strumming technique
– Sight-reading
– Ear training
– Music theory
– Scales & arpeggios
– Improvisation
*Music exam preparation offered
Beginner – advanced – all ages welcome!
Whether you’ve always wanted to learn or you want to improve your playing, Karim will help take your piano skills to the next level.
Lessons will include:
– A varied repertoire
– Building a strong, reliable technique
– Speed, control & dexterity
– Musicality & expression
– Sight-reading
– Ear training
– Music theory
– Scales & arpeggios
– Improvisation
*Music exam preparation offered
Beginner – intermediate – all ages welcome!
A lot goes into making a beautiful sound on the violin. In these lessons, you will learn how to create a clear, musical tone, and the skills to give you maximum control and expression in your playing.
Lessons will include:
– A wide range of repertoire & styles
– Instrument care & tuning
– Tone production
– Bow hold & technique
– Left hand technique & positions
– Musicality & expression
– Sight-reading
– Ear training
– Music theory
– Scales & arpeggios
– Improvisation
*Music exam preparation offered
Beginner – advanced
Taking a theory class can really boost your progress on any instrument. By understanding the building blocks of music, you will be able to read faster and more accurately, memorise music easily, kickstart your improvisation skills, and give you the tools to write your own music.
To get in touch or request a trial lesson, feel free to contact me via email or phone today!

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Qualifications and Awards
BMus(Hons) degree in guitar & composition
ABRSM Instrumental Teaching Diploma
Grade 8 Classical Guitar
Grade 8 Piano
Grade 8 Violin
Grade 8 Music Theory
Music Teaching Services
Guitar Acoustic, Guitar Classical, Piano, Violin
Classical, Folk, Jazz
ABRSM, Aural Training, Composition, Harmony, Improvisation, Sight reading, Song Writing, Theory, Trinity
Areas Serviced
Online, Canberra, NSW Central Coast, NSW Central West, NSW Mid North Coast, NSW Newcastle and Lake Macquarie, NSW North Coast, NSW North West and New England, Sydney Outer West and Blue Mountains, NT Darwin, NT Regional
Alice Springs, Darwin, Perth, Port Macquarie
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It was so exciting to come back to piano with a whole new approach. I took lessons as a kid and I remember nothing sticking. Wasn’t sure if I’d be able to learn at my age, but the way Karim teaches helps everything come together. It’s like a little eureka moment every week!

Kelly (piano student)

I’m so happy we found Karim! My daughter had learned with another teacher until a few years ago until she lost enthusiasm for piano. About six months ago, a family friend recommended Karim when [my daughter] said she wanted to give it another try. Karim is incredibly patient and he has a way of explaining things in a way she can follow. It’s been lovely to see her progress. Most of all, [my daughter] has fun learning to play and she’s always excited for her next lesson. Thanks so much!

Melissa (parent of piano student)

I’ve been playing and writing music for years. Before I started theory lessons with Karim I felt like I’d hit a wall. It’s amazing to think how much just makes sense now when it never did before; I finally understand what makes music work and it’s totally freed up my music making.

Jack (music theory student)

Karim is a fantastic teacher. It’s been great to see both my children develop in confidence as well as listening to their music. I was especially grateful that he embraced my son’s interest in rock music. In school, they were expected to go down the grade route so it was great to find a teacher who could encourage him with that too.

Carlos (parent of guitar students)
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