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With over 30yrs experience inspiring children & adults, Pamela guides her students in the art of playing the piano and writing music. If you are nervous or rusty or knowing you want to play but not sure how to go about it, Pamela will patiently encourage you. Her gentle warmly engaging manner makes the learning environment pleasant and productive. Lessons include the best of the traditional methods as well as new innovations. That means you will learn how to sight-read effectively, practice efficiently, become adept aurally and rhythmically, improvise from your first lesson, and become familiar with expressing yourself through your playing. While growing as a musician, children learn about setting and achieving goals, what a priority is and how to choose them and more. All the time they are learning more about who they are and building their self-esteem. Let’s make a time to discuss what you are looking for and how I may help.

Teaching Since
Qualifications and Awards
BA Music (QCM) - this is an Academic Music Degree
Grad Dip Teach. - this is qualification for Primary & Secondary Classroom Music Teaching
Certified Transformative Life Coach with Brave Thinking Institute, USA
Music Lessons Provided
Flute, Piano
Classical, Folk, Jazz
Composition, Improvisation, Theory
Accompanist, Child Checked, Police Checked, Registered
Areas Serviced
Online, Sydney Northern Beaches
Allambie Heights, Balgowlah, Belrose, Curl Curl, Frenchs Forest, Freshwater, Manly, Mosman, Seaforth
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Your first and second lessons are paid for by invoice prior to the lesson.
This is to see if we are a good fit to work together.
Then if we decide to continue, I email you an invoice for the remainder fo the term.

0.5 Hour Individual Lesson
1 Hour Individual Lesson
Pricing includes GST

You are an excellent teacher.
(Mother of super-bright teenager at selective school)

Kate L

I enjoyed learning in a group environment and the feeling of being part of a team. It was good to have a deadline and a reason to practice together at home. Pamela is very patient, calm, and accepting. I love being able to say that I play as part of a quartet. I feel motivated to practice and maintain music as part of my life. I really look forward to learning more and improving. You bet I’ll be continuing on! And thank you for a magical concert experience.

Suzanne Rix, Executive Coach and author of 'Superworking'

This is what I’ve been hoping for


It was lovely meeting you yesterday morning and I felt funny – it seemed someone sent you to me! I have been in a difficult time at the moment and every single kind word you gave me put a little light on me.


It is her fortune to have a good start with you.
Thank you very much for your warm encouragement and creative teaching, which let her enjoy playing every day.

Jean Fan

Dear Pamela,
Thank you so much for a wonderful, enjoyable and successful year.
Have a great holiday!

Laura-Leigh JS

I am a 26yr old full-time working woman, not your usual music lesson student. I had learnt a musical instrument through childhood and High School and gone through the rigours of music exams. Probably like many other adults when School and university ended I found that I had no way of furthering my interest in music particularly after moving to Sydney. I desperately needed some inspiration to help me have control over my hobby and learning for fun rather than the chore it was to playing when I was younger.
Then I met Pamela.
She understood right away where I was at, that I needed a mentor to build up my confidence again and to give me ideas of what is out there in the music world so that I can choose what to play rather than be told to. She also told me about groups in the area so I could do something social with my music. After a year or 2 with Pamela, I feel very confident with my skills in using music for pleasure and to enrich my soul. At this stage in my life and learning needs, I really benefited from Pamela’s holistic style of teaching ie looking at everything going on in your life and your internal motivations and adapting her teaching style to suit these needs. In the end, music should always be about providing pleasure, enjoyment, and inspiration to your life and now I can appreciate my flute playing as an activity which provides this for me.

Emily Tuckley

Rosie enjoys playing and she’s learning!

Kate, Senior English Teacher at Queenwood School

Thank you for inspiring me to play again

Hideko Izumi

I began playing the flute 25yrs ago and played for just 3 years before the time constraints of raising a young family resulted in me putting it aside.
Then just two months ago, I joined Pamela’s ‘Playing Music Together’ group after making a lifestyle choice to rediscover the joys of music as a musician rather than an avid listener and I have unknowingly tapped into a wealth of new experiences through friendship and the arts

Marcia Ross

Learning music with Pamela has been a most satisfying experience. Pamela’s technical ability, combined with her knowledge and understanding in other areas of teaching has inspired a passion for learning, playing and experiencing music in a way that I have not experienced before.
Her patience, and understanding of the human experience has made possible a creative learning environment, where the material presented has provided the opportunity to explore the relationship between music and other areas of the arts, in a way that has enriched the musical experience.
I would happily recommend Pamela to anyone wanting to widen their musical horizions.

Paul P

Feedback from Pamela is always positive – criticism never seems to happen, even when you mess up.

Dominic McK

I have known Pamela Jordan since June 1998 when we worked together to record her music ‘We Are The Earth’.
During the intensive weeks on the project, I found Pamela to be dedicated, tenacious, patient and eager to learn. She calmly maintained focus on her objective, and a sense of humour despite equipment malfunction. With her communication, she was an effective collaborator.
It became clear very quickly that Pamela is a woman of original spirit.
She is a highly intelligent lateral and abstract thinker. The expression and development of her musical ideas has a strong foundation.
Pamela already possesses extensive skill as a musician and is a brilliant mentor. Oct 2000

Ian Graham

“I learnt more in half an hour with you than I did in an 8wk course elsewhere”


I love how you recognised the issue with her and how you are prepared to work through any challenges but furthermore you gave my daughter permission to tell you exactly how she felt. I believe there is no greater gift we can give another than to know we trust them enough to be honest with them!


I can’t tell you how much Rosie is enjoying her flute – picks it up whenever she has a spare minute. She can’t get enough. It’s wonderful – thank you for encouraging this passion. She loves it AND she is learning!

Kate L.

Thank you just what I have been trying for, for years. Someone to help her develop this ability in a ‘whole’ way. I can hear the development in what she is composing versus before she came to you. Yippee! ?

Helen S

“It’s one thing to have the knowledge. They’ve got to be able to impart it.
I’m so happy with the progress my girls are making” Jan JS

Jan JS

“I just wanted to thank you for all that you have taught me and done for me,
your hard work is appreciated
and I am extremely grateful to have had the opportunity to be taught by you.
You are very passionate about what you do
and I feel that I have progressed in my piano skills because of that passion,
which was an inspiration” Jasmine

Jasmine W

“She makes it fun!” Izzie age 7

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