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|Instant beginner guitar playing | By using the smartest self or teacher-assisted beginner guitar-teaching method available, the “InteGuitar BGI System” will make the most difficult stage of learning guitar happen with ease. It's important to understand that the beginner stage is the most crucial point of guitar playing to beat. Anything that will help you get through this phase – do not hesitate don't to use it. It's a well-known fact that the beginner guitar stage is where all would-be guitar players fail simply because it's almost impossible to get a decent sound out of the guitar straight away. After your first few minutes of you picking up the guitar for the first time to learn to play, the reality sinks in and you start to realise the high level of difficulty involved with learning guitar. Then, if you do stick it out for about six months, there is a common occurrence seen with beginner guitarists that the basic chords you learn in the first couple of weeks still sound bad after months of hard, laborious practice. This is where the InteGuitar BGI System shines, by having the rudimentary cords clearly displayed on the fretboard this gives a beginner guitarist the possibility of achieving a good sound from the guitar straight away. This will give you the desire to pursue learning the guitar, reducing 1 to 3 years of frustrating learning to 2 to 4 months’ easy learning. Now just in case you are thinking oh an iPhone or android "AP" Youtube videos tabs or any teaching aid you can think of will do the same thing then sadly you are wrong. All guitar teaching aids or tools are viewed in reverse so the student has to reverse the information in their head and then try and play the guitar. The guitar is a multi-tasking nightmare already without having to reverse instruction in your head. Please note Although I have stated I teach in every town in Australia the integuitar system is designed to be a self teach system I can post to you and you can use the AUDIO tutorials to practice with. In reality, a guitar teacher would realy appreciate you already know some of the basics and in some cases teachers will not take on absolute beginners.

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Guitar, Voice

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4th grade piano + 20 years teaching guitar and singing

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