Jackson Yu

Music Teacher
Clarinet, Woodwind


About I have 15 years of experience in instrumental music, predominantly from clarinet and piano. I am a classically trained musician who enjoys a wide taste in music ranging from jazz to contemporary. I have had the fortunate opportunities during both my high school and university years to teach and guide my peers in both small and large group settings. I have experience in solo performances, having being involved in many competitions as well as group performances including choirs, orchestras, symphonic bands. I want to teach people who play for enjoyment as well as those who want to sit examinations. Music is a transcendent experience shared by all and should be enjoyed for both old and young, hence everyone should have the opportunity to delve and immerse themselves in music and experience the joy that it brings. I have completed both AMusA and LMusA, however have not fulfilled the theory segment for LMusA. I have completed University Degrees in Bachelor of Biomedical Science and Science at Monash University.

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Jackson Yu


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36 Bindy Street
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Melbourne, Melbourne South East

Forest Hill

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Clarinet, Woodwind

HSC/VCE Music, Theory

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Classical, Contemporary, VCE

AMEB Exams, Performances, Technique

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One-on-One Lessons

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