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Hey guys, suppose this is so you can get to know me a little. So Im currently studying a Bachelor of Music (Education) at the Sydney conservatorium of music and my principal instrument is trombone, however I do also play some guitar (both electric and acoustic), mainly classical styles but I do like to branch out and play a bit of whatever I can get my hands around. I have had 10 years (and counting) of professional lessons with fantastic teachers on the trombone. I do not specialise in any one area, I try to play as much of everything as I can and I would encourage my students to as well for a plethora of reasons the main one being its fun and rewarding. in terms of actually delivering your lessons I am very flexible in terms of location and delivery. Im based in Western Sydney but Im willing to travel and arrange lessons outside of that area. I hope thats enough for you, If I have missed anything you want to know about me dont be afraid to contact me in any way shape or form and Ill get back to you.

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Jacob Gross

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