James Taylor

Music Teacher and Accompanist
Viola, Violin


Professional violin teacher, CBD music studio. I am a young professional with many years experience in both the performance and music education sectors. I take joy in working with all students beginner to advanced and am very proud of all their success. Some of these successes include: - Australian International Music Competition, Award Recipient (9years) - Sydney Eisteddfod, Highly Commendation Award (8years) - St George Eisteddfod, Commended Award (13 years) - All AMEB & Certificate Grade results & Awards Some FAQ and Answers below: Q) How old is too old to start leaning the Violin? A) you’re never too old to start learning the violin, it is true that starting from a younger age (as young as 4) is the most ideal. However, there are many examples of “late starters” who have reached high levels of playing such as Viola Soloist Matthew Lipman (age 10) & Elmer Oliviera on violin (age 10). Learning for leisure is a great way for adults to begin learning the violin. It is a great way to focus ones self and have time to relax amidst their professional careers. Q) Is under 4 years old too young to learn the violin? A) Not necessarily, while being under 4 years of age can come with some more challenges as toddlers are still developing physically and mentally, if your child can demonstrate the ability to focus for 7 minutes then they could take what I call “pre-twinkle” lessons. Q) is learning the Violin/Viola expensive? A) Learning Violin/Viola is not going to be cheap initially, but there are some steps you can take to reduce costs. If your child is having lessons your can look at renting a violin as opposed to buying. Lots of shops across Sydney rent out violins with size exchanges when the student grows at no extra cost. If you’re buying a violin it is best to go second hand, and to buy from a store - stores will often offer a payment plan. NEVER BUY ONLINE!!! Never buy your instrument online, no matter how good and cheap it sounds you will not be satisfied, and it will end with you spending more money than you initially though. At the end of the day learning the violin is a great personal investment. You will get out of it what you put into it. Music is one of the greatest foods for the soul. Q) How Long does it take to learn the violin? A) How many hours are you willing to practice? This answer is different for every person. Usually students can have a few basic songs and traditional tunes learned within a few weeks to a term of learning. Many of my young students go from starting to playing advanced grade 6 and up repertoire with in as little as 3 years learning. Q) How Long are the lessons? A) Depends on the need of the student, I run lessons usually for 30 mins, 45 mins and 60 mins. Q) When should I start? A) Right now!! Please contact me on 0487318374 or james.sscstrings@icloud.com

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James Taylor


Send an eMailjames.sscstrings@icloud.com

Level 1 , 137 - 139 Bathurst St
NSW 2000

Regions Serviced

Sydney, Sydney East, Sydney Inner West

Sydney, Ultimo, Chippendale, Darlinghurst, Haymarket, Potts Point, Waterloo, Alexandria, Surry Hills

Teacher's Studio

Instruments and Subjects

Viola, Violin

Aural Training, HSC/VCE Music, Musicianship

Styles and Specialities

Classical, Contemporary, Jazz

AMEB Exams, ABRSM Exams, Trinity Exams


Lesson Format

One-on-One Lessons, Group Lessons

Qualifications and Experience

Bachelor of Music


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