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Lessons are available for any age. No experience is required; only a desire to learn to sing well and the determination to achieve your goals. Lessons are set at an appropriate pace for each individual (and can be adjusted at anytime). Being consistent is more important than learning things quickly! Private tuition involves a well-rounded approach to studying music which encourages consistent practice, theoretical study and aural training. Classical voice lessons take students through correct posture, breath support and sound production, supporting repertoire practice with graded technical exercises. As theory is an important part of singing and understanding music, students will be taken through basic music theory to complement the development of the student’s musical knowledge and technical ability.

Contact Details

Kate O'Callaghan

Send an eMailkcmusicstudio@hotmail.com


Regions Serviced

Melbourne, Melbourne Inner, Melbourne North West

Keilor East

Teacher's Home

Instruments and Subjects


HSC/VCE Music, Music Craft, Musicianship, Theory

Styles and Specialities

Classical, Music Theatre

AMEB Exams, Auditions, Repertoire, Technique

Lesson Format

One-on-One Lessons

Qualifications and Experience

M.Teach (Secondary) (Melb), A.Mus.A (Singing) (AMEB), BA (Melb), Dip.Mus (Practical) (Melb)



Security Details

Fully registered teacher with VIT


Last updated: 20-Aug-2017 09:50 AM

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