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Mandir School of Music operates in the Austrlian Capital Territoty, Canberra to enable the members of the Indian community to pursue their passion for Indian classical carnatic music. The school offers classes to students of all age groups. The school provides an opportunity to the local Indian community to continue to connect and keep alive our rich culture. Ragini Santhanam is the founder & principal of Mandir School of Music. An accomplished musician from India, Ragini has 2 decades of teaching classical music. Ragini is a multi-faceted personality who takes deep interest in enriching the lives of children through music, drama and other cultural activities. She is keen to make sure that the children learn and appreciate Indian culture as well as learning Australian values. As a teacher, she is very caring and motivating, striving to bring out the best in her students. She is full of energy and enthusiasm, endearing herself to children and adult alike. Quote ‘Divine music is one of the highest mercies extended to us by God. It is as powerful as prayer itself. This music can uplift one's spirit up to a higher dimension of being that is filled with peace and joy'

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