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If your a singer that feels you can do so much more with your voice then this may be just for you. I believe that if the voice is trained properly, you will be able to sing for hours on end without straining or getting tired. With my many years of teaching I have been able to help many singers undo bad habits, get a full sound and use their voice at its full potential. Suitable for experienced singers or performers that find their voice is getting quite worn or tired after gigs. Suitable for singers wanting to get better control with belting out high notes. Especially suited for singers who want to start or join a band. You will learn how to get the best out of your voice and be able to sing challenging songs for long hours without damaging your voice. You will develop a strong voice with power and projection, find your full range and use every note at its best! Beginners are also welcome Suitable if you are a speaker or lecturer with voice damage or hoarseness. Suitable if you are a performer and your voice cant seem to keep up with all the gigs. Suitable if your looking to improve your over all technique, this will surely bring out the best in you. Regular concerts/ open mics are held for those wanting to get more experience on stage. Open to all- don't need to be a student, and also welcome musicians wanting to get stage experience Available spots on Saturdays only at the moment. But feel free to check or let me know if any other days that may suit you. I will do my best make room. Teaching from a new Music Studio at Hindmarsh 173 Port Road Hindmarsh (Crn Cheif St & Port Rd) Take advantage of the free tram ride from City to just infront of the Entertainment Centre. You'll find us 2 minutes walking distance from here Guido Coppola has been running his singing school there for many years. It has recently undergone some renovations and now has 2 other teachers. Myself teaching singing and Raff teaching Guitar and Piano. Raff is a highly experienced teacher who has taught music for 30 years. Facebook Website The best thing about this is once you have learnt to use your voice correctly, there is really no need to continue with lessons as you will know your own voice and be confident how to use it. Your voice is a muscle, when trained and used correctly it will perform at its best!! Contact Rachela Leo 0451991805

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173 Port Road Hindmarsh
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Arranging, Blues, Classical, Contemporary, Country, Funk, Jazz, Modern, Modern Jazz, Music Theatre, Pop, Swing, Traditional


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Belcanto Master Class


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