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1) Suitable for beginners and intermediate level 2) For learners age 7 + 3) Slow progressive learning at the initial stages so the fundamentals are mastered 4) You can either be someone who only wants to learn Piano for leisure or someone who would like to go for AMEB exams. 5) We will be following John W. Schaum piano book series as we progress however if you have already started with other series, we can stick to that as well. Also we can use the P-Plate piano from AMEB if you prefer. The reason why I choose John W. Schaum is that layers of learning are very clearly demonstrated and it has a natural flow and logical progression. 6) 30 mins/class suitable for beginners. $20 per 30 mins or longer class with pro-rata rates To tell you a bit about myself, I was born in China and I started playing piano when I was 7. I achieved the highest grade – 10th grade in Amateur level with distinction when I was 12. I did grade 6, 7 and 10 through Fujian Provincial Education Department Music Examination and grade 8 was examined through the Music Examination Committee of the Chinese Musicians' Association. The intensive learning and practice during the 5 years has taught me that it takes extraordinary hard work to accomplish higher grades and having strong fundamental skills is crucial for you to face the challenges. Although I have not yet taken any piano exams in Australia, I am familiarising myself with the syllabus objectives and level of technical work required for each grades of AMEB. I am also preparing for Associate exam (AMUSA). Currently applying for Associate member of MTA for further professional development.

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