Zachary Offszanka

Saxophone Music Teacher


Hello prospective students! I am an enthusiastic Jazz saxophone teacher who believes the best way to learn is to play! I have been playing saxophone for the last 10 years and in 2011 I completed a music education double degree from the West Australian Academy of Performing Arts. Over the years I have sung in numerous choirs including the W.A Children's Choir and Accapella Praise and played in church bands and the Lions Club Big Band and have performed in a range of venues including the Ellington Jazz club and Winthrop hall. While my area of specialty is Jazz though I also enjoy and have experience with classical and contemporary styles. As a teacher I believe the best way for a student to learn is to experience lessons that are as engaging, practical and authentic as possible and with music this is not hard to do. When tutoring I encourage students to listen to as much of the music they enjoy as possible and select songs that they would like to learn. I then work with the student to help them build the skills and theoretical knowledge necessary to achieving their goals. As students develop their confidence and skills I encourage them to explore and enjoy a wider range of styles to help them grow as performers and music lovers. I am currently looking for novice to intermediate students who want to experience the joys that come from mastering an instrument and playing for and with people.

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Zachary Offszanka

0424 113 414

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Regions Serviced


Anywhere within a 30 minute drive of Woodvale

Teacher's Home, Student's Home, Other

Instruments and Subjects


Aural Training, Composition, Improvisation, Theory

Styles and Specialities

Jazz, Modern Jazz, Rock, Swing

Ensemble work, Improvisation, Jazz Theory, Performances, Sight Reading, Technique, Transposing

School Activities

School Classroom Teaching (Fully-trained), School Instrumental Teaching

Qualifications and Experience

Music Education double degree from West Australian Academy of Performing Arts



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