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My name is Zichxyna Mikol, I’m the owner of Creative Sounds Music Lessons. Although having competed and graded for many years I feel like it is irrelevant to my teaching style, and who I am as a person and musician. ​Been playing Piano since a young age, slowly picked up drums and then singing. Music is my passion, but teaching and seeing students grow is what inspires me. I've had a interesting musically journey learning the old school classical way, and eventually finding a teacher more modern and suited to me. Using my own experience I've developed a teaching style that is very free-flowing, creative, fun, interactive but also focuses on the foundations.My lessons focus on you, finding the best methods that work for you, and help build not just the technical side but your creative side. Music is a creative thing, however not always is it ‘allowed’ to be. My personal goal is to give you the foundations to play music for many years to come. Even if you take a break, stop lessons, maybe 5 years later? Not rely on memorizing repertoire that you’ll forget in a few months. But sitting at a piano and playing for fun, years later and learning to build that skill back. If you are interested in singing and piano, I also do combined lessons half and half or even together at the same time. Online I prefer to teach, 8+ with adult supervision all the way up to seniors! My teaching also uses asynchronous pedagogy which means, not all lessons are one on one, but can be back and forward teaching from videos and vice versa. If you are interested in this please ask me more. Although my preferred method is one on one lessons, with asynchronous pedagogy along side it. I look forward to enjoying teaching you and being part of your musically journey! Piano Lessons My way of teaching piano is very dependent on the student, every student learns in different ways and not one teaching method works for everyone. My method uses creative teaching methods that connects foundations with the current songs they are working on, but also helps them see the bigger picture. A big part of my teaching is learning how to improvise, and use it to help learn musically patterns. My style of teaching helps students build a foundation that will be useful years later and students can play years later. We focus on creating personalized creative lessons that will teach you more than just how to read sheet music and play. Singing Lessons My singing lessons main goal is to help students have the keys to develop their own personal style. Vocal health and safety is very important to me, and I make sure students also learn this good habit. Teaching mainly Contemporary, Rock, Metal, Pop styles of singing. I believe anyone can learn how to sing, they just need to put in the hours to practice, and practice correctly with the right foundations. Our creative techniques to help you ‘figure’ your voice out, fix though vocals bumps, sing louder, lower and higher! Everyone’s voice works differently to some extent, some traditional methods may not bring out what you are truly capable of. If you're ready to find what your capable of today!

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Zichxyna Mikol


Send an eMailcreativesoundsmusiclessons@gmail.com



Regions Serviced

North Queensland, Rockhampton QLD, Sunshine Coast, Townsville QLD

Live Online Lessons

Instruments and Subjects

Keyboard, Piano, Voice

Composition, Improvisation, Song Writing


Contemporary, Metal, Pop, Rock

Lesson Format

One-on-One Lessons

Qualifications and Experience

AMEB Grade 8, Diploma of Music.


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