Zichxyna Mikol

Live Online Lessons Available
Music Teacher
Drum Kit, Piano, Voice


Welcome to Creative Sounds Music Lessons. Based in North-West Brisbane and surrounding suburbs I'm a mobile music teacher. We also do online lessons for older students and groups. We focus on creating personalized creative lessons that will teach you more than just how to read sheet music and play. My name is Zichxyna and I’m a qualified music teacher specializing in Piano, Singing and Drums. My goal is to give an individual music experience that is creative and keeps the student inspired for many years to come. If you're looking for a modern approach for musicians of today look no further!

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Zichxyna Mikol


Send an eMailcreativesoundsmusiclessons@gmail.com


Regions Serviced


Teacher's Home, Student's Home, Live Online Lessons

Instruments and Subjects

Drum Kit, Piano, Voice

Composition, Improvisation

Styles and Specialities

Classical, Contemporary, Pop, Rock

Adult Learning, Improvisation, Performances, Repertoire

Lesson Format

One-on-One Lessons, Group Lessons

Qualifications and Experience

Diploma of Music


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4.5- Adult




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