Tips and hints to create the ideal profile

Minor adjustments to your profile can make a significant difference

Provide as much detail as possible

  • The search on our home page and our popular searches page rely on the detail you provide in order for your listing to appear in search results.
  • It is therefore extremely important that you provide as much detail as possible - and keep refining your profile so as to maximize the opportunity for your profile to appear in search results.

Refine your profile at least once a month

  • As with all marketing collateral, one should continually refine your profile.
  • Make sure you have selected as many options as possible in the various lists provided.
  • If you are a Silver or Premium Member, take advantage of all the premium membership features.

Search for your profile

  • Perform various searches for your own profile, considering how you believe as a prospective client would search for your specialities.
  • Refine your profile if it does not appear in your search results.
  • Unfortunately, people only tend to take notice of those profiles on the top of search results.
  • So, if you are a Standard Member and your profile appears low down in the alphabetic list, you should consider Premium Membership.

Contact details

  • Many teachers do not display a telephone number and expect prospective clients to email them. However, you should give prospective clients the option to contact you in their preferred medium - not yours. So, provide as many contact details as possible.
  • By giving prospective students options will improve the chances of them contacting you rather than choosing the next profile in search results.
  • Ideally supply your full business address, especially if you are a Premium Member because your address can then optionally be displayed on a Google map.

Choosing a profile name

Please read our membership rules for information about rules pertaining to profile names.

It is important to note that using the correct profile name influences the way that Search Engines (like Google or Bing) index your profile.

Your profile name should ideally be in one of the following formats:

  • Your Trading Name - Region(s) Instrument(s) music teacher
    e.g. Carolyn Trickett Music School - Sydney Piano, Guitar music teacher
  • Your Trading Name - Instrument(s) music teacher
    e.g. Carolyn Trickett Music School - Piano, Guitar music teacher
  • Your Trading Name - Region(s) music teacher
    e.g. Carolyn Trickett Music School - Sydney, Central Coast music teacher
  • Your Trading Name
    e.g. Carolyn Trickett Music School

Profile summary

Your profile summary should be well-written, engaging and encapsulate your unique selling proposition. Our keyword search on our advanced search page also searches through the profile summary to find relevant matching profiles, so provide as much detail as possible, without being too verbose.

  • Explain to prospective students why you would be the right music teacher for them.
  • Keep your sentences short and meaningful. Anything that appears cluttered and incoherent creates a negative reaction in the minds of prospective students.
  • Over time, experiment with different phrases and words to ensure maximum engagement with your target audience.
  • Our keyword search uses your profile summary, along with all other fields, to try find possible matches in search results. So, place all important keywords in your summary which you may feel are criteria people may use in their keyword search to find your profile.
  • Make sure your profile summary is syntactically and grammatically correct. If your written English is not good, ask a friend, colleague or family member to proof read it and provide you with constructive feedback.

Selecting options from selection lists

  • Please contact us if an option is missing from our list and we will add it in for you.
  • Always select as many options as possible where selection options are provided so as to maximize the number of search results your listing will appear in. This is one of the most important tips where most profiles fall short and thus do not appear in many search results.
  • For example, if you teach Bass Guitar don't just select Guitar Bass. Select the option Guitar as well. This significantly increases the chances of your profile appearing in search results.

Entering suburbs

  • You should never just list the suburb in which your music school is situated.
  • If you teach at students' homes, enter all the suburbs you are prepared to travel to.
  • If you teach from your studio, then enter the suburb in which your music school is situated as well as all the surrounding suburbs from which you believe students would be prepared to travel from.

Share your profile on social media

  • Take pro-active steps to drive people to your profile by sharing it on social media.
  • If you are on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google+ or use any other social media, share your profile to drive visitors to your profile.
  • Word of mouth has been identified as the most valuable form of marketing, so don't just sit back and hope your profile will just attract people organically.

Silver and Premium Membership features

If you are a Silver or Premium Member, it is important that you take advantage of all the the Silver or Premium Membership features.

1. Catch Phrase

This is a Premium Membership feature.

  • A good catch phrase can make your profile memorable.
  • This should be a powerful brief, phrase engraving a key selling point to capture people's attention.

2. The Enhanced Profile Editor

This is a Premium Membership feature.

  • Premium members should take advantage of the Enhanced Profile Editor which enables you to break down your Profile Summary into distinct, salient points. Profiles that are easy on the eye are far easier to read, using design elements to highlight important points.
  • Features of the Enhanced Profile Editor include making bullet point lists, making numbered point lists, making points bold, making points italic, using striked through and creating links to external pages (like to your own website).

3. Profile Image

This is a Silver and Premium Membership feature.

  • A photo or business logo displayed next to your profile gives your profile a distinctive, professional appearance.
  • Profile images should ideally be your company logo or a portrait photo of yourself.
  • If a portrait photo of yourself, it is ideal to take this against a solid plain background.
  • Profile images are displayed as square thumbnails 85 pixels wide by 85 pixels high.
  • For this reason, it is best to upload an image that has already been cropped into a square shape and that is greater than or equal to 85 pixels wide by 85 pixels high.
  • If you upload a rectangular image, the thumbnail creator will distort or crop parts of the image when converting it into a square shape.

4. Uploading a Photo Gallery

This is a Premium Membership feature.

  • Photos and images play an important psychological role as to how your profile is perceived, giving students a much clearer idea of who you are.
  • However, if your photos are too large they will take a long time to open when people click on the thumbnails.
  • People tend to be impatient when they click on pages and photos - they want these to load quickly.
  • It is best to upload photos that have been cropped to a necessary viewable size of no more than 600 pixels wide or 600 pixels high.
  • Note, your photos do not have to be square in shape.
  • Try to keep each photo under 300KB in size.

5. Uploading a Video Gallery

This is a Premium Membership feature.

  • You can insert as many Youtube or Vimeo videos as you like.
  • Videos give prospective clients and students a much clearer idea of what you or your students can do.
  • Remember, prospective students are viewing your videos to get a feel for what you can do for them - they are not wanting to be entertained.
  • It is thus best to upload videos that are no more than two minutes long.
  • Ensure your videos are relevant to prospective students.
  • Using videos to deliver client testimonials is also a fantastic idea!

6. Client Testimonials

This is a Premium Membership feature.

  • Testimonials strengthen the credibility of you and your business, enabling you to build invaluable trust with prospective students.
  • Testimonials must contain a maximum of 280 characters.
  • Check out these Google articles on the value of client testimonials.

7. Pricing

This is a Premium Membership feature.

  • Often, prospective students want to know your pricing fees before contacting you.
  • Using our flexible pricing module further enhances the look and detail of your profile.