Australian Music Teachers Register Advertising Policy

Advertising on Australian Music Teachers Register implies an acceptance of this policy

Acceptance of Terms

Advertising on this website is conditional upon your acceptance and compliance with the terms, conditions, notices and disclaimers contained on this page. These terms and conditions may change, in which case advertisers would be notified 30 days prior to any such change. Your use and access of this website constitutes your agreement to these Terms and Conditions.

Eligibility to Advertise on Australian Music Teachers Register

Only business that promote products,services and events related to or benefitting the music industry, not necessarily music teaching itself, may advertise on Australian Music Teachers Register.

Australian Music Teachers Register reserves the right to refuse any advertiser on the website. This includes, but is not limited to, any business which may represent a conflict of interest with the purpose and commercial viability of the website.

Ethical Behaviour, Content and Images

Advertisements should reflect the positive editorial policy of Australian Music Teachers Register and as such should uphold ethical behaviour, content and images.

Advertisements may be refused if deemed inappropriate for the site based on the principals and goals of the Australian Music Teachers Register.

Reports of false or misleading advertisements may result in the withdrawal of the advertisement from Australian Music Teachers Register's website.

Quality of Artwork

We do realize that design is subjective, but we do have to include this clause so as to ensure the integrity of our website design - which advertisements play an important role in.

Advertising artwork production should be high resolution and aesthetically pleasing.

Australian Music Teachers Register may, at its own discretion, refuse advertisements wher the artwork is considered of unacceptable production standard.

Supply of Artwork

Artwork must be supplied to the specifications outlined no later than 24 hours prior to launch of the advertisement.

Advertisement Display Size

Because the Australian Music Teachers Register website has a responsive design, advertisement display sizes may vary dependent on the browser's screen width.

Advertising Artwork Production Service

Australian Music Teachers Register supplies in-house advertising artwork production services. Prices are upon application and requirements.

Advertisement Performance Measures and Representations

  • We make no performance representations in terms of advertising on our website. The quality of advertisements and the quality of the external website links which advertisers provide play an integral role in determining the performance of an advertisement.
  • The onus is on advertisers to determine click-throughs to their external links.
  • Australian Music Teachers Register does not supply analytics on advertisement click-throughs.

Payment Terms and Conditions

  • All references to dollars on this site refer to Australian dollars (AUD) unless otherwise stated.
  • All pricing presented on this site is exclusive of GST unless otherwise stated.
  • Payments for services are in advance.
  • Invoice payment terms are strictly 7 days or prior to the display of advertisements, which ever occurs first.
  • It is agreed by the advertiser that any overdue account will result in suspension of your advertising service until such time as payment is received and will attract an administration fee for reinstatement of your service.

Refund Policy

We pride ourselves on our highly ethical behaviour. As such, we want our advertisers to be delighted with their partnership with us.

So, whilst we endeavour to make every efort to maximize our advertisers experience with us, there are exceptions to every rule. So, we must point out these general terms:

  • Australian Music Teachers Register does not refund for advertisements that are deemed under-performing by an advertiser.
  • Australian Music Teachers Register does not refund for advertisements where artwork has not been supplied on time.
  • Australian Music Teachers Register will offer a 90% refund when at least 14 days prior notice is given of the withdrawal of a paid advertisement's commencement date.

Governing Law

These terms and conditions are to be governed by the laws of the State of New South Wales, Australia.

Last updated: 22-Nov-2017 10:14 AM

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