Premium music teacher listings: Benefits and plans

Unlock the full potential of your music teacher listing with a premium upgrade.
With great features and affordable pricing.

Premium subscriptions come with a 7-day free trial period.

Frequently asked questions

Monthly subscription

Annual subscription

$12.50 / month

Comes with a 7-day free trial period.
Cancel your subscription anytime.

$129 / annum*

*Get 14% off

Comes with a 7-day free trial period.
Cancel your subscription anytime.

The benefits of upgrading to a premium listing

Get more visibility by featuring at the top of search results

Premium listings are randomly featured at the top of search results, ahead of free listings.

This means you get more visibility which increases your chances of being seen by potential students.

The random ordering of premium listings at the top of search results also prevents any one premium listing from dominating search results.

Stand out with a more detailed and engaging listing in search results

Premium listings include more information and a visually appealing profile image that helps you to stand out from other listings.

Display a professional profile photo or logo

A profile photo or logo helps you to create a more professional and visually appealing impression for premium listings.

Include testimonials to demonstrate the quality of your teaching

Testimonials from satisfied students help you to establish trust with potential students.

Reading reviews from other students can make potential students more likely to reach out to you.

Distraction-free for maximum impact

Eliminate distractions and keep potential students focused on your premium profile with no advertisements or related listings.

Let students explore your photo gallery

Including a photo gallery of up to 30 photos helps you to showcase your teaching environment, instruments, and performances.

Let students discover your teaching style through a video gallery

Including a video gallery of up to 20 videos you to provide potential students with a clear sense of your teaching style and approach.

Display your prices and attract more students

Include pricing details to help potential students make more informed decisions about whether you are within their budget, saving time for both the student and you.

Let students connect with you through an easy-to-use contact form

A contact us form provides a convenient way for potential students to initiate contact with you, helping to increase the number of inquiries and ultimately, bookings.

Engage students with your social media and other website channels

Connect with potential students on multiple platforms and showcase your brand in a consistent and cohesive way.

Keep track of how many people have viewed your listing

Seeing how many people have viewed your premium listing provides you with valuable insight into the effectiveness of your listing and helps you to make decisions to improve your listing and attract more potential students.