Premium listing features and pricing

Premium subscriptions come with a 7-day free trial period. Cancel anytime. No obligation.

Frequently asked questions

Monthly subscription

Annual subscription

$12.50 / month incl. GST

That's a total of $150 / annum, billed monthly

$129 / annum incl. GST

A 14% discount at $10.75 / month, billed annually

Features and benefits

Premium listings feature at the top of search results

Random ordering of premium listings ensures all premium listings get equitable exposure

Premium listings stand out with more details in search results

A more engaging listing results in more click throughs

Premium listings randomly feature on our homepage

Yet another way to get your premium listing more exposure

Premium listing can display a profile photo or logo

Visitors pay more attention to listings with a picture

Premium listing can display testimonials

Visitors will trust what your students say more than what you have to say

Premium listing can display a 30 photo gallery

Showcase your services with up to 30 photos

Premium listing can display a 20 video gallery

Showcase your services with up to 20 videos

Premium listing can display pricing details

Let potential students get a ballpark figure of what they might be likely to pay

Premium listing display a contact form

Visitor enquiries are delivered straight to your email

Premium listing can display social and website links

Engage visitors with your other social media and website channels

Members can see view counts of their premium listing

See how many people have viewed your premium listing

Premium listings are distraction free

No advertisements and no related listings means no distractions