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Casey Welsh

Casey Welsh has over 10 years teaching experience with children of all ages, backgrounds and learning abilities. Her focus is on finding what makes each individual child passionate about music. Her intent is not to ‘teach’ in the traditional sense but rather guide each child in a relaxed and playful environment on his/her unique musical journey.
Her classes intertwine classical and contemporary styles with an equal focus on aural playing and sight-reading. Improvisation, creative composition, song, dance, storytelling and other play-based learning techniques create a fun learning environment enabling the child to understand and feel rhythm, character, melody and harmony in music. Casey believes that all styles of music should be explored in order for each child to find what style they connect with most, thus sparking a true inner passion for music. She also enjoys teaching adults and is able to guide the more advanced students through exams both practical and theoretical.

Casey completed her Bachelor of Music at the University of Melbourne, Australia in 2011 and since then has taught and lived in Australia and Argentina also teaching English through song and storytelling methods.

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Bachelor of Music,University of Melbourne
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Classical, Contemporary
Aural Training, Composition, Improvisation, Theory
Group Lessons, Comes To You
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Queensland Regional
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