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Daniel Nistico

About me:
– I recently completed a Doctor of Music at the Eastman School of Music in New York
– While studying in the USA, I also taught individual lessons, ensembles and classes at the school
– I did my Masters at the Melbourne Conservatorium of Music and Bachelors at the Victorian College of the Arts
– I’ve performed around Australia, China, Europe, South America, North America and New Zealand.
– I’m a passionate teacher and have written several books on guitar playing (you can check them out on my website).

Are you tired of wasting time when you practice?
– You spend days, weeks and months practicing a piece and it just doesn’t improve much
– When you play in front of people your memory goes, difficult bits fall apart and unexpected errors creep in
– You wish you could understand the music better so that you weren’t just ‘playing notes’

Imagine what it would feel like if after each practice you made amazing progress
– You could memorize pieces very quickly
– Your performances would be better than when you practiced at home
– You could drastically improve your understanding of music

After giving hundreds of live performances, playing for examinations, competitions and live radio, I know how important good practice can be.

Many guitarists get into a cycle of bad practice habits. The fact is that practice doesn’t make perfect. Creative and amazing practice makes perfect!

If you don’t change your practicing habits and mindsets, then you will make very slow, or maybe even little to no progress! It is possible to practice and make your errors and memory even worse than when you began. I don’t want you to suffer through that and think that the guitar is just too difficult.

Once you start practicing with new and creative mindsets then you will no longer be greatly disappointed at your playing. You will come home after playing for people, or after an exam, and your insides will be glowing with joy. You won’t want to ever stop playing for people, and your skills on the guitar will just keep on getting better by the day.

These special practice methods are not easy to find. Google ‘practicing guitar’ and you’ll get information that is often unreliable and even dangerous if you really want to improve your playing. You could trove through books and eventually find this information for yourself, but that takes many years – I’ve done that work for you. Your teacher probably doesn’t often talk about practice methods because you’re spending so much time fixing problems in your lessons.

I’d like to reveal one crucial part of this special practice mindset and it may surprise you: you have a huge amount of creativity and imagination, and when you apply that to your practice you will learn tons each time you pick up the guitar. I’ve had students learn about harmony, counterpoint, form, rhythm, memorization tactics and practice strategies in a matter of weeks just by simply getting them to use their own creativity and imagination. They end up with pages and pages of their own unique exercises, written down by them in moments of creative excitement!

You don’t have to play through pages and pages of boring exercises written by other people. You can create your own and also learn about the intricacies of technique and music by doing so.

You won’t make those huge leaps you’re craving for unless you change your practice habits and mindsets. Don’t waste any more time and make these changes now. Take lessons with me and I will give your practice the makeover you’ve been waiting for. I would love to help you on this journey.

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