Ethan Soh

Piano lessons in-person in Perth (Inner, North East, North West, South East and South West)

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Ethan Soh

I am the kind of person who will never pressure my students or make them feel like they are incompetent. I used to volunteer as a teacher for primary school students, and I feel like the key to effective teaching is patience & empathy, because everyone has a unique personality and learning style. It must never be a ‘1-size-fits-all’ strategy, because it does not give people room to explore and discover more about themselves. I grew up in an education system where those who were not academically inclined were often left behind, or segregated from the majority, so I understand how it feels like to compare myself to others and doubt my ability. Everyone has different learning speeds, and it is only right for the education system to cater to that. With that said, my students shouldn’t see me as someone distant and unfamiliar. I always aim to be a friend to my students (I would normally add my students on social media – if they’re comfortable), and if they have any issues unrelated to the teaching matter, I would be glad to lend listening ear and advice them however I can. I am not professionally trained in education, but teaching and listening to people is something I find joy in doing, because I feel that I still have a lot to learn from others.

Music Lessons Provided
Classical, Pop
Adult Learning, Arranging, Beat Making, Improvisation, Performances
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Areas Serviced
Perth (Inner, North East, North West, South East, South West)

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