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Violin lessons in-person in Melbourne and Victoria

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Arash Aalaei

Galamian Violin Studio was established in 2022 in Melbourne by Arash Aalaei, a violinist and composer with more than 30 years of experience. The studio is named after Ivan Galamian (1903 Iran – 1981 US) , the greatest violin teacher and pedagogue of 20th century. Our goal in Galamian Violin Studio is to revive the old-school violin pedagogy heritage combined with the latest learning theories. The current trend in all education systems follows a quantity based approach, meaning that the number of intake is more important than the quality of output. This represents the commercial aspects of the system where no school would reject a new student regardless of the fact that they may know this particular student would fail for sure.

We, in Galamian Violin Studio do not believe that every child is to be a violinist. “ All children can play violin” is a quantity based approach and skips many other factors in learning an instrument and the main goal here is to recruit as many student as possible to feed to the system commercially. We believe that some are born to be a violinist and most are not, we believe in having a gift and hence we pick our students carefully. However, we may give a chance to some, but if we realize that it is not working, we will withdraw the student quickly to avoid a potentially gifted pianist to play the violin by force.

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Composition, Improvisation, Musicianship, Performances, Sight reading, Technique, Theory
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Melbourne (East, Inner, Inner East, Inner South, North, North East, Outer East, South East), Victoria (North, South East)
Brighton East, North Brighton, South Brighton

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