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Susie Cloete is a songwriter and musician from Melbourne with a Bachelor of Music and plenty of performance experience as a guitarist and vocalist.

Offering lessons in guitar as well as songwriting and music theory, Susie is a friendly and encouraging teacher with years of experience in instrumental teaching.

Susie aims to provide her students with proper technique, a strong foundation in music theory and help to develop their aural skills. Lessons will include strengthening exercises, note reading, rhythm and strumming practice, playing both single notes and chords, and much more.

Susie’s teaching is suited to those completely new to guitar. Both children and adults are welcome!

Susie studied songwriting at university and has gone on to read widely on the topic, particularly in the field of lyric writing. She is knowledgeable in a wide range of lyric-writing techniques and also has a strong understanding of melody and harmony as a result of her tertiary studies.

Susie understands how hard it can be to get quality advice, feedback and education in songwriting. If you’re new to songwriting, or if you already write music and want feedback and guidance for how to improve your songs, get in touch.

A good working knowledge of music theory is an absolute must both for playing an instrument and songwriting.

Susie can help you get there, whether you’re a complete beginner or have prior knowledge.

Learn how to:
– Read and write music
– Work with different time and key signatures
– Write down your songs so that other musicians can play them (chart-writing)
– Work with chords and write melodies that work with your chords, not against them
– Improve your aural skills (your “ear” for music)
And much more.

Children and adults are welcome.

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