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“If I were not a physicist, I would probably be a musician. I often think in music. I live my daydreams in music. I see my life in terms of music.” - Albert Einstein

Keyboard, piano, singing and other lessons in-person in Melbourne (East and Inner)

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Hue Blanes
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I am an Australian pianist, composer, and singer-songwriter. I have played in some of Australia’s most prestigious arts festivals, where I have displayed incredible versatility as a musician and singer. Winner of the 2017 PBS Young Elder of Jazz commission that premiered at the 2017 Melbourne International Jazz Festival, and 2018 International Jazz Piano Competition (Langnau, Switzerland). Awarded in 2019 the Royal Conservatoire Research prize for my thesis/presentation upon completion of my master’s degree. I continue to tutor small-combo ensembles and provide piano/voice coaching for enthusiastic students.

I am a native English speaker and can write, teach and speak in Dutch. I have a passion for languages and am looking to develop my skills further in the academic year 2023-2024.
Being a performing artist has allowed me to develop a close connection with the Australian, Dutch and Belgian music fields. Furthermore, I have extensively taught at a DKO (Deeltijds Kunstonderwijs – Part-Time Art Education) level for over 20 years.
With highly regarded teaching and accompanying credentials at Koninklijk Conservatorium in The Hague, Nederland, and at two Australian universities, Monash, and Collarts, Melbourne, I am well-equipped to align my teaching methods and administrative skills with very high goals and values.
My ability to design targeted high-quality education by efficiently shaping learning objectives, teaching-learning processes, and testing will ensure that students receive an engaging and effective education.
I am proficient in online communication tools, and digital learning platforms, and I am willing to further train in these areas when necessary. My use of contemporary information and communication technology enhances the learning experience.
My strong writing and oral skills, coupled with my ability to work smoothly with colleagues and external partners, will foster a collaborative and productive environment. I am equally capable of working independently, demonstrating a versatile approach.
I am committed to stimulating and motivating a diverse student audience through innovative teaching methods and personalized guidance. My systematic and result- oriented approach ensures that students always achieve their full potential.
I constantly reflect on and critically assess my own actions. I seize the many opportunities to improve my educational quality through additional training and professional development.
I am confident that my qualifications, skills, and experiences align perfectly with what my students are looking for. My passion for music, dedication to education, and commitment to excellence position me as the best candidate for your progress and musical journey.
I look forward to the opportunity to meet you and to discuss how I can contribute to the success of your musical pathway and onward journey.

Teaching Since
Qualifications and Awards
BMus Monash
MMus Den Haag
AMEB Licentiate
Winner Young Elder of Jazz 2016
Nominated for 6 Green Room Awards
Have worked with Aria and Grammy award winning artists
Music Lessons Provided
Ableton Live, Harmonium, Keyboard, Organ-Pipe, Piano, Synthesizer, Singing
Ballade, Blues, Classical, Contemporary, Country, Folk, Funk, Indian Classical, Irish, Jazz, Latin, Modern, Modern Jazz, Pop, Rock, Swing, Theatre, Traditional, World
ABRSM, AMEB, Arranging, Art Song, Auditions, Aural Training, Band Coaching, Composition, Gifted Children, Harmony, Improvisation, Jazz Theory, Lieder, Music Craft, Music History, Musicianship, Performances, Repertoire, Film / TV Scoring, Sight reading, Song Writing, Technique, Theatre Music, Theory, Transposing
Accompanist, Accompanist Specialist, Child Checked, Group Lessons, Police Checked, Registered
Languages Spoken Other Than English
Dutch, Italian, Spanish
Areas Serviced
Melbourne (East, Inner)
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