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Flute, piccolo and recorder lessons in-person in Canberra

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Jodie Petrov

Jodie holds a Bachelor of Music with Honours (Instrumental) from the Queensland Conservatorium of Music, Griffith University and a Master of Creative Arts (Music) from The Conservatorium of Newcastle, University of Newcastle. She is also regularly involved in professional development, including teaching courses, and has performed in masterclasses and taken lessons with many renowned flautists such as Peter Lloyd, William Bennett, Alexa Still, Jacques Zoon, Robert Aitken, John Wion and Paul Edmund-Davies. She has been teaching privately since 1989 and has also taught in a number of public and private schools as a peripatetic both in the ACT and Sydney. This work has been divided between teaching as part of a band program and private extra-curricular lessons, as well as running ensembles.

Her students are able to sit exams run by the AMEB, ABRSM or AGME if interested, in both flute and theory. She has successfully prepared students for tertiary and ensemble auditions, including IMP bands and Music for Canberra orchestras, and she encourages all of her students to participate in the ensembles around the ACT or at school available to them. She has had several students successfully undertake tertiary studies in music at various conservatoriums in recent years. More importantly though she seeks to instill a love of music and music performance in all of her students.

Many of her current students are adults who have returned to flute after a lengthy absence or started later in life, and she also holds regular ensemble sessions for them.

Jodie has a wide range of performance experience and regularly performs with the National Capital Orchestra, is a member the Capital Quintet, has performed as a soloist with Musica da Camera chamber ensemble, and regularly plays for a number of choirs across Canberra.

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