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Mike de Velta

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Enjoy one on one guitar tuition in a friendly, courteous and encouraging environment. Having produced 5 albums and playing for live audiences for over 25 years I have also been a teacher in Western Australian schools for over 30 years. Qualified with a Bachelor of Education (Music Specialist), Police Clearance and Working with Children Check covering Pop, Blues, Jazz Blues, Folk, Slide Guitar (upright and lap style position), Finger style, Open tunings, Rock, Latin and Nouveau Flamenco.

Unlike a piano the guitar can be difficult to understand and access. There are no black and white keys, just strings and frets! Initially we may be happy memorising a few chords and their finger placements but if we are to extend any further we need to master the neck and that takes work. Fortunately with the use of computers and apps we can learn to visualise the neck much more effectively. These pictograms if you like can be learned over a period of time, genuine persistence to understand and recognise them embeds them in our subconscious. No longer is playing the guitar a guessing game but we can now attack any note we ‘hear” confidently.

Improvisation features heavily in my approach to teaching the guitar and something I would encourage any new aspiring musician to do. Some people play incredible pieces on guitar only to discover they are unable to communicate and enjoy music with others lacking in the most basic understanding of chord harmony and theory. In other words they have not developed the ‘inner ear”. As a teacher of music one of my roles is to bring out your inner muse, to help you fearlessly explore and develop your own style and go beyond your own expectations. You will find in the long run that learning complex pieces will be much easier once you have developed the ability to play what you can ‘hear”.

Do I have to be able to sight read?
No. While I can teach sight reading it is my experience that the styles I cover are more effectively taught using Guitar TAB or a combination of both. Most songs that I use can be attained at https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/ to give you an idea of what to expect.

As I am only a small business I prefer to teach only a limited number of students and give them the best I have to offer.

IMPORTANT Please only apply if you can dedicate at least 1-2 hrs practice per day.

In my experience any less produces such small gains that you are unlikely to stay with it for the long term. I give 100% and expect my students to do the same. My program is not suited to casual learners but for the passionate with high expectations of what they wish to achieve.

Half hour lessons @ $30 prepaid 10 week blocks / $35 Casual rate
One hour lessons @ $60 prepaid 10 week blocks / $65 Casual rate

My Promise
My promise to you is that I can really advance your playing in spectacular ways which bring great joy, a feeling of accomplishment and health of mind. Music is so much more than learning a bunch of notes, it is a way of living and growing. Allow me to share my experience with you and take the next step to guitar mastery.

Where are we?
We are located in Coogee near Fremantle in the lovely city of Perth. Lessons are generally taken in my studio.
Thank you for your time, we look forward to hearing from you 🙂

Mike de Velta

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Qualifications and Awards
Bachelor Education Music Specialist
Music Lessons Provided
Blues, Folk, Jazz, Pop
Adult Learning, Aural Training, Composition, Harmony, Improvisation, Jazz Theory
Accompanist, Child Checked, Registered, School Classroom
Languages Spoken Other Than English
Areas Serviced
Perth South West
Beeliar, Bibra Lake, Coogee, Fremantle, Hamilton Hill, Munster, Perth, Spearwood
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