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Nima Alizadeh

Hello, I’m Nima Alizadeh and I love music, especially the part where you get to spread it to other people whether it is through the means of performance or through teaching!

About me and my career:

I’ve been playing the Violin for 15 years and it has been the most exhilarating journey of my life. Starting at such a young age and growing up with it for as long as I remember, music is so deeply embedded within me. I have been lucky enough to explore so many different genres of music through my development including Persian traditional & pop, Jazz and the main one being Western Classical music.

During my career I have had numerous performances as an orchestral musician and soloist. These include performances with Melbourne Symphony Orchestra (MSO), Established Persian Pop band ‘Senik’ in Melbourne, Sydney & Brisbane and finally Melbourne Youth Orchestra (MYO) in Australia and touring across Europe visiting major cities such as Berlin, Vienna & Frankfurt being mentored by incredibly accomplished artists such as Brett Kelly & Jaime Martin.

Throughout my experience, connections are everything in music. Connecting to every single note, phrase & melody which we call musicality, a musician’s ability to be musical. This is what really breathes life into the whole experience and being lucky enough to have this ability, I want to share it with as many students as I can.

Teaching Philosophy:

I teach because I love music and working with people, also I am a major believer in changing people’s lives because I’ve seen how music has done the same for me! Learning music teaches discipline, opens pathways for positive self expression and is simply, fun! It feeds creativity to us and our daily lives which is so important and fundamental.

I love creating atmospheres where people are comfortable enough to escape their comfort zone and experience that liberating feeling, through having plenty of fun and also having attainable goals tailored toward each student to reach and improve every week.

Over the past 2 years I have been teaching Violin to a variety of students ranging from beginner/intermediate children to beginner/intermediate adults. I am a firm believer in the ‘Suzuki method’ and that is where I always start with my beginner students. We will go through bow grip techniques, posture and slow bow strokes across the strings until we’re ready to introduce the left hand (fingers!).For more advanced students I offer to prepare them for AMEB exams in all grades, VCE Music and/or any other auditions or examinations they need help with (orchestral & solo).

Any questions, feel free to drop me a message or email me at

Teaching Since
Completion of all AMEB Levels, Co-principle of Melbourne Youth Orchestra
Music Teaching Services
AMEB, Auditions, Aural Training, HSC / VCE, Improvisation, Music History, Performances, Technique, Theory
Comes To You, Pre-school Teacher
Classical, Contemporary, Modern, Pop, Traditional
Suzuki Method
Areas Serviced
Online, East Melbourne, South East Melbourne
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Languages Spoken Other Than English
Azerbaijani, Farsi, Turkish
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If you’d like me to travel to you the hourly rate will be $90

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