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Olga Chernova

**I help classical musicians elevate their musicianship skills to the next level**

I teach music theory that makes sense and becomes a powerful tool, not a boring drill.

My students are music teachers, professional musicians, university students, and avid amateurs.

My program is focused on essential harmonic formulas and patterns in classical music. You will learn about Romanesca, Monte, Tied Bass, Cascade, and so on. Learning the patterns improves your ear skills, makes sight reading and memorisation easier, influences your performance, and change the way you listen to music. If you’ve studied music theory but have never heard these names, that’s perfectly fine. This method is relatively new, although it is based on traditions of music education from past eras.

These lessons are far from boring and tedious written drills in music theory that you might be familiar with from exams and textbooks. I believe that music theory should be as practical and hands-on as possible. Imagine learning a foreign language by only doing written “fill in the blank” exercises. Could you have a chat with a native speaker after such exercises?

**What do I offer?**

– learning platform with short and concise textual lessons, various exercises, and tests;
– weekly 45 min Zoom calls to discuss your questions and progress;
– homework assignments with my written feedback.
Lesson price is $65 per 45 min.

**This program is suitable for:**

✅ Musicians of any instrument (or voice), specialising in classical music;

✅ those who have studied music theory, but their skills are a bit rusty, and they want to refresh and deepen them;

✅ those who feel a bit stuck and insecure when explaining the harmony and form of a new piece to their students;

✅ those who are looking for a way to develop their musical ear on a regular basis.

✅ those who would like to compose music in the style of the old masters.

**This program is not recommended for:**

❌ Those aiming to pass ABRSM, AMEB, or other exam boards. I’m not against exams, but I recommend following them only if you absolutely need to provide formal results.

❌ Those playing contemporary, jazz, pop music. The primary harmonic patterns, as well as examples, are mainly drawn from the music of composers from the 18th and 19th centuries.

❌ Complete beginners, as it will take a lot of time and lead to significant frustration along the way.

You don’t have to finish a conservatory course to go through this program. However, here’s what it’s advisable to know and be able to do:

– Read notes in treble and bass clefs.
– Know scales up to 3-4 sharps or flats.
– Understand the structure of the major scale and the three types of minor scales.
– Build intervals within an octave.
– Hum a scale.

The process of developing musicality doesn’t happen quickly. It’s a long and challenging journey, but if you play music, you know what I mean. I’m not going to lie that in 30 days I will help you reach a whole new level of the musicianship. But I show you the path, I can take you by the hand, and get you covered with every question that may arise along the journey.

**About me**

My name is Olga Chernova, and I am a music theory specialist. In 2012, I earned a PhD in Musicology in Russia. Currently living in Adelaide, Australia, I share my passion for music theory with students around the world. My mission is to help musicians skyrocket their musical skills and make music theory meaningful for them.
Feel free to send me an email to lessons@chernovmusic.com.au

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PhD in Musicology at Gnessins Russian Academy of Music
Bachelor of Music (Major Musicology)
Diploma in Music Theory Teaching
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Aural Training, Harmony, Improvisation, Music Craft, Musicology, Theory
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Russian, Ukrainian
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Online, Adelaide South
Oaklands Park

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